Love Spells

Love Spells That Work Fast

Are you in love with someone?

Do you want that person to love you back?

Well, that is totally obvious. Since love is such a strong desire and you cannot just resist it.

To help you with that we will share some really strong and powerful love spells which will help you get the love of your life.

These Love spells will make any of your wish come true and any person you want will fall for you truly and deeply.

How To Do Love Spell & Get Lost Lover Back

Love spell 1: Sow the seeds of your own love and let them grow

Things you need:

    • 9 sunflower seeds
    • 9 dried beans
    • 9 dry kernels of corn
    • 9 grains of barley
    • 9 dry chamomile buds
    • 9 whole cloves
    • Rose oil
    • Glass bottle with stopper
  • Red ribbon

What Do you need to Perform Love Back Spell

Fill a bottle to the top with all these seeds. On a full moon night, do this and repeat the lines:

Seeds and spices, give me power

Time to make my love life flower

As the moon grows in the sky

This charm will make my wishes fly

Add nine drops of rose oil to it and tie a red ribbon around. Let it work and you will see how you’re the person starts loving you.

Love Spell 2

Thing you need:

    • 3 drops hot pepper sauce
    • 3 cups of rain water
    • Dried rosemary
    • Black peppercorns
    • Dried orris root pieces
  • 3 drops Lavender oil

Add approximately three pinches of each herb and mix them in a bowl. Now, sprinkle this mixture around your doorstep and then wait for the positivity and spirit of love to enter your doorstep and let the magic of love begin.

Love Spell 3


Things you need:

    • 1 sheet of blank paper
    • 1 red marker
    • 1 envelope
    • Perfume
    • Red lipstick
  • 5 or 6 fresh red rose petals

Write the name of the person you want to love you back or the qualities you want in a new love. Now, give the paper a spray or dab of your perfume, then fold it into the envelope. Now, put rose petals in the envelope with the letter and plant a big kiss on the outside of the envelope.

Love Spell 4

Things you need:

    • 9 oz sweet red wine
    • 9 basil leaves, fresh
    • 9 red rose petals, fresh
    • 9 whole cloves
    • 9 apple seeds
    • 9 drops real vanilla extract
    • 9 drops strawberry juice
    • 9 drops apple juice
    • 9 small pieces of ginseng root
  • 9 pink candles


Put all the ingredients in a pot and light candles around it. Stir together over low heat while saying the words of this spell:

“Let the one who drinks this wine,

Shower me with love divine,

Love potion number nine,

Let his (or her) love be forever mine.

Do it for 9 minute 3s and keep chanting this spell. It is a classic love spell and will surely work. Powerful Love Shabar Mantra