Love Binding Spells

Very Famous Love Binding Spells

Do you love someone and want to keep that person with you forever?

If yes, then that is totally justifiable. Love is a beautiful feeling and you want to stay in that feeling forever.

In order to stay with the person forever, you can use some love binding spell.

To get these love binding spells you can come to me, I will give you the best of them. These love binding spells are very strong and effective and will make two of you stay attracted to each other. These love spells will make you feel completely mad about each other and totally into each other. This is the beauty of these love binding spells which will make you two go high in love.

These love binding spells works in all the cases, even when you two have been going through some problems in your relationship. In fact, these spells works best in these cases only when one of the lovers feel that the other has been feeling less interested or losing attraction in the other.

If you feel like you had been fighting lately or your relationship had been falling apart then these spells can come in really handy. They have got the power to solve all your relationship problems.

These love spell eliminate the chances of break-up in your relationship and create a very strong bond between you two which will have lifelong effect.

However, Love binding spells are not easy to cast. You need Powerful Love Shabar Mantra expert guidance and service to do them correctly so that all your love problems can be solved.

There are different ways of binding love spells. The love binding spells can be performed by using photo, hair or any other thing which is either used or related to the person for whom you are casting this spell or even just thinking about them.

How to cast the love spell?

  • You need bright orange flowers to do this spell.

  • Take them and put them in vase at a clean and well lighted room.

  • Now keep a bowl of fresh water on the table and put daisy flower petals on it.

  • Now light a candle on the table.

  • While doing all this, keep thinking about your lover and how you want him to be a part of your life forever.

Now, say this spell out aloud as many times as you can at a stretch:

“With the force of water

That purifies everything

Move away from our love

Whatever is negative.”

Another strong and effective love binding spell:

This is very strong and powerful love spell which should be performed on Friday night if you want to him with you forever and on Tuesday night if you want to keep your woman with you.

Place a jasmine and a rose on the table on which you performing the spell.

Better, if these flowers are red or pink.

Now, light a candle on this table.

Keep a sheet of paper and on it write the name of the person you are casting the spell on.

And then this spell aloud:

“I call the forces of love

To see me as I am,

Understand that I love you

And understand my passion.”

Then burn the paper in the candle flame while you keep on chanting the spell.


There is another love binding spell which will be very effective and powerful. For that you need a recent picture of your lover and a coin, red cloth and a red ribbon. Put the coin on the photo and wrap it in the red cloth and bind it with ribbon.

And then recite this vashikaran mantra spell,

It is not the thread i am winding. It’s love, so he misses me and thinks about me day and night, in the moonlight and sunlight. As god’s servant (name) can’t live or be without his shadow, so can’t be live and enjoy life without me (name). Walk-walk, stumbling, suffocating with love for me. As the sun floats across the sky, so walks (name) to me (name). The thread ate into the bundle, love and longing came. So be it. My words is a lock and rdquo