How To Destroy Enemy

Do you want to get rid of your enemy?

Why won’t you?

When the enemy is troubling you, making your life a living hell and creating a new problem every day, you would definitely want to get rid of that enemy.

How To Destroy Enemy by Astrology Totka

If you are looking for a solution to get rid of your enemy and then destroy him or her completely then come to. Powerful Love Shabar Mantra is going to help you with incredible spells to destroy your enemy completely.

I am an expert in the services which I provide and one of those incredible is Vashikaran mantra to destroy your enemy.

I understand how it feels to get constantly troubled by your enemy. I have been in that situation and that is why I try so hard to help all my clients get rid of types of enemy problems using Vashikaran.

I consider all my clients as my friend and I feel their pain, I undertsnad their problem and then give the situation accordingly. I try to understand the gravity of the problem and then give the Vashikaran mantra to either destroy your enemy or rid of enemy troubles.

Well, I will answer that only if you are firm enough to act against your enemy and you are looking for astrology remedies to destroy enemy.

Yes, you read it right I have got mantras to destroy enemy completely and free you from all sorts of troubles that are created by him.

In life we meet a lot of people, some do good to us while some just make it miserable. If you are having a person from the other category then you actually do not need to tolerate any such non-sense in your life. I will help you get rid of your enemies through Vashikaran.

Vashikaran is a very strong and powerful device. It has got power to bring incredible changes in your life and free you from all your problems. One of the major problems in life comes if an enemy starts troubling you and I do not want that to happen to my clients.

I make them tell me the entire story, how they are being troubled and what their worries are and how they could get rid of their enemy.

I am giving you the most effective enemy kill mantra, though I would not personally suggest you to go for this but if the situation has got worse beyond control then you have got a right to know the solution for it. I am sharing the secret enemy destroy mantra with you, I hope you never face a need to use it but the secret is with you so you feel empowered that you have got solution to your problem in case.

“Aum Dang Daang Ding Diing dung Dang Deng Daeng Dong DoungDaaAmukang”

Astrological remedies to make enemy suffer. These are remedies by which you would be able to control the enemy and make him do things which is painful and troublesome for him. This way you can make the enemy suffer using these totke.

There are some enemy Vashikarn Totke that can help you get rid of your problems.

  1. Whole black urad dal 38 and 40 grains of rice to a large pit to press and squeeze lemon over. Take the time to squeeze lemon named enemy, and then bury it somewhere.

  2. A handful of individual barrier with granulated salt over your head three times in the evening and remove throw out the door. Make it three consecutive days. If I get the rest of it in the toilet flush the salt out of the head to the wise. Will definitely benefit.

Mantra to destroy enemy or make enemy suffer:


While chanting this mantra you have to use the betel supari. While you sit down and recite this mantra, take the supari and infuse that for 108 times.

This is most effective Vashikaran mantra for enemy and gives quick results. The other two Enemy Vashikaran mantras are: