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Black Magic Love Spells

Free Black Magic SpellsLove is a very strong desire and once you fill that desire it is difficult to resist it. This is why you look for any measure which could help you fulfill that desire. Black Magic spells for love is your key to get your desires fulfilled and feel the ultimate happiness of love.

No matter who the person is with whom you have fallen in love with, you can use these Black Magic spells to make anyone love you. The thing that you need to be careful about is that once you do these Black Magic spell to make anyone fall for you that person is actually going to stick you and then there is no going back. This makes this process a bit complicated which is why you have to be sure of the kind of love you are demanding.

Things you need:

Saffron 22 mint leaves5 petals of pure red rose

Stream water 33 green cardamoms150 pound of brown sugar

7 green olives0.33 pound of white sugar

0.1195 pounds of gold, silver and platinum,

Now, drop of your own blood and a string of hair or used cloth piece of the person whom you want to cast the spell on. Add your own blood drop and little saliva in the mixture and then divide it into two equal proportions. Put it into two wine glasses and seal them with black rose petals. Keep it for some days in front of the picture of the person who you want to love you and then make him or her drink it.

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One more thing to be careful about is that these methods may sound simple but these black magic spells caster for love or kala jadu specialist are very complicated and even slightest mistake can turn things upside down which you cannot afford. So, be sure that does not happen with you.

Another Black Magic spell to make someone love you is:

  • Chicken wing
  • Pink Candle Sterile needle
  • Yarn
  • Matches
  • Sheet of paper

Draw your lover’s name using the chicken wing and then draw your name over it. Now, drop 7 drops of candle wax on it and use sterile needle to drop three drops of your blood. Now, wrap the chicken wing in the paper and tie it with yarn. And you need to chant this and think about the person who you want to love you

“Gekali Bekuta Bestima Sto Sto Beg”

Now, bury this somewhere and wait till it starts showing its miracle. This is a very strong effective Black Magic spell for love from Powerful Love Shabar Mantra.